Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Rabbitstick Staff for 2010 says -
Come join us in 2011!

Buttoning up for Winter

It's been a little over a month since Rabbitstick ended, and we have had an amazing Indian Summer after the freeze we got just prior to opening day. But, snow hit yesterday, and forced us back into the office for some computer time.

We missed you at Rabbitstick 23. We hope to see you at Winter Count 17 in February, or again next fall at Rabbitstick 24.

Rabbitstick Goes To The Movies

Great footage from Rabbitstick 2010. If you ever wondered what goes on at a Backtracks Primitive Skills Conference, here's a short peek (a 10 minute clip) at what you might expect to see. Thanks Christian Noble for making us look so good.

Until I can figure out how to upload it to this blog, you'll have to go to YouTube and type in "Rabbitstick 2010" to see the 1o minute movie.