Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Registration Update

Thanks so much for kicking it into gear and getting your registrations in. We still have space available, but we have been working overtime the past few days trying to get confirmations and registration packets out to all the first-timers who are coming this year. 

If you are returning and haven't signed in yet, you'd better get to it. We're considering limiting the size of future gatherings. With all of the growth that has happened over the past few years, we want to keep Backtracks events at a manageable size. 

There are nearly 30 events nationwide right now and more coming. Help us keep Rabbistick and Winter Count the national events we have come to know. It's great to get so many people from so many regions of the country who come and learn skills they can take back home to their local events. Come find out what a Backtracks gathering is all about and help us keep traditions alive!

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Bob and Gayle Kitch teach Great Basin Atlatls and Beadwork.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scenes from Rabbitstick 2012
Photos by Joshua Sage

 Opening Circle

Larry and Big Bertha

Kids Kamp Leaders

Norm is open for business

The Ryans

Digger and Dave

Jerry's sharpening up 
Note- That hat's made from dogbane cordage

Rabbitstick Update

Fires - Idaho fires are still going, but not as severe as the media tells it. Most smoke is going to the north of us. There is still some haze in the area, but for the most part skies are clear. We're finally getting our afternoon monsoons after about 3+ weeks of +90˚ weather - that's unusual for us. 

Reservations - If anyone is planning on staying in town, you had better make motel reservations now. The university is starting a week later than normal - Monday the 16th - so that week and the weekend before should be pretty crazy with frantic parents dropping kids off. This goes double for crowds at Wal Mart and the grocery store. 

Camp Site - Garth has been busy watering our campsite, and it looks great. This will make you think things are safe, but we are not allowing any fire inside tree line. Fires other than our main fires need to be in pans only.

Staff - We've had a great response from staff so far - Yes Cody Groupies, he will be here. All of our regular classes will be offered as well as a few new ones. The Kids Kamp will need help from instructors as usual, so Rachel and Valley will getting a hold of everyone. 

Weather - Here's the forecast. It looks like we'll have a great week.

Last Chance to Get Early Registration Prices.

September 1st is the end for early registration. We have increased the late registration rate to "encourage" everyone to register early. The on-line registration link is up and running and will be changed to the late fee -$375 - on Sunday morning, so don't wait.