Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winter Count 25
February 9-15, 2014

Early registration opens on-line today!!w!
Register at backtracks.net.


 Larry Kinsella from flintknapper.com 
demonstrates the fine art of working 
flint into tools. 

Matt Graham from the Discovery Channels new 
series - Dude You're Screwed - showing 
how to hunt with an atlatl and dart system.

Red Louvish's wet-scrape brain-tan class in action.

Jesus Garcia from the Sonoran Desert 
Museum displays his collection of 
fibers for making ropes.

Charlie Tadano of the Phoenix-based Study of Ancient Lifeways and Technologies  (SALT) Group has his classes turn rough argillite stone into fine jewelry.

Make a point of signing up early and don't miss out on attending this unique gathering of artisans and teachers of the old ways. 

We want to wish all of our Backtracks alums a very Happy New Year. Be safe and enjoy the holiday.

Please pass this message along to anyone you know planning on coming this year.

Since this is our 20th year of conducting Winter Count, we are offering a 20 year discount special to encourage everyone to sign-up early. Here's how it works:

We keep track of registrations as they come in. Every 20th registration (that's number 20, 40, 60, etc.) gets a $50 tuition discount. Every 100th one gets a $150 discount. What odds - the lottery is one in 200 million, here it's only 1 in 200. We need you to commit early to help us plan. I know it's easy to procrastinate, but we need you to sign up now. Go to backtracks.net and register on-line. Early registration is open, and this offer is only available until January 20th, so sign-up NOW!