Saturday, December 29, 2012

Here's a slide show from Chris Noble from Rabbitstick 2011. Enjoy.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's Get Ready

Winter Count 2013
Is Just Around the Corner

February 10-16, 2013

To help get you jazzed about joining us for this New Year, here are 2 posts that feature scenes from last year's event. Make plans now to sign up early and save $50 on you registration fee. You can do it on-line at You can also stay up-to-date with us on Facebook at Backtracks, LLC. Be a part of helping to spread the word by visiting the Facebook page and clicking the "Like" button. 

Photography compilation by Scott Wright Photography
Music by Daniel Dahl-Bredine   
or look for him on Facebook he emanates light and goodness in all his work. He has a deep love and connection to Mother Earth. 

These photos were taken at two outdoor wilderness survival camps, Winter Count in Arizona, and Rabbitstick in Idaho. Information on these events can be found at . I met Andrew there and this video compilation is the result of his singer/songwriting talents combined with the activities and natural beauty I saw while attending. I found the people involved to be from varying backgrounds but all with a deep love and respect for Nature, and the Earth, in a very positive and encouraging way. It is a well run and organized event, and I hope that some of that feeling might come through in these photos, and especially in Andrews music and lyrics. Enjoy!!!   Scott Wright

Another little clip from Chasing a Different Carrot - " Karen and I attended Winter Count in February. We camped out for five nights (just west of the town of Maricopa) with hundreds of folks who were highly interested in learning and teaching a durable set of skills". One of the classes they took was on how to utilize an entire animal for food and projects. 

Here is the address of a website that contains some great photos compiled by Joshua Sage at Winter Count 2011 -
We haven't had this address before, so take a look. There are some great new views that are sure to get you excited about coming to Winter Count again this year.

Take a minute and get to know what this great event is all about. If you've been before, here's a chance to rekindle that flame that was ignited at your last event, and help you start making plans to join us again this year in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona to once again learn the old ways. 

Join Us !
Keeping Traditions Alive !

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This clip features our buddy Tom Laskowsky of the Midwest Native Skills Institute, and addresses some of the issues encountered when using primitive skills in a modern world.

The Art of Self-Reliance

Backtracks came from the notion of pairing primitive technology with modern survival skills. Today that union is beginning to be called "bushcraft." At our skills events - Winter Count and Rabbitstick, we are focusing more and more on the use of the outdoors as a survival resource. We also look at how the insights and attitudes one gains from a structured survival experience might empower people in the event of a real disaster.
Our new Homespun track, that is now a part of our primitive skills schedule, has evolved from the expanding interest of participants in skills that allow everyone freedom and independence. Learning skills that might allow a life free of the grid has the potential for all of us to examine where we are and how we can improve our relationship to technology in general.