Saturday, November 7, 2009

2010 Events

Put these dates on your calendar -
Winter Count #16 - - - Feb. 14-20, 2010
Rabbitstick #23 - - - - Sept. 12-18, 2010

Join us for a week of quality skills instruction, stories and music, and great company. You're invited to come get to know us and engage in our unique brand of tradition. Help us to keep these traditions alive. - Wescott

Opening day at Winter Count 2009, Maricopa, Arizona

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


You can see the entire class at is progressed in a one minute time-lapse video produced by Kiliii. 

If you would like to attend a course yourself, let us know as we are planning another one for just prior to next years gathering to be held at the Backtracks shop at Thomson Farm. Contact me at the Backtracks website or post a comment here.       - Wescott

Rabbitstick- Winter Count

The 2009 Rabbitstick Instructional Staff  -
90+ great teachers and mentors of the oldways.

Of all that goes on in primitive technology, 
Rabbitstick is the "Mother Church."
            Steve Watts

Welcome to our blog !

Well, we have learned that trying to interface with the cyberworld using sticks and rocks will probably not work out. We have been lucky in that our gatherings can still focus on the traditional ways of passing on knowledge and skill, but I guess it's time to make the big step toward connecting with our  Backtracks supporters through our latest effort - the RS-WC blog. After 25+ years of operating in the stone age, this is more of a giant leap than a step. 

The purpose of this blog is keep everyone up to date on what's happening at  Backtracks* in a more timely manner. It's interesting to note that a group so fascinated with primitive skills is easier to contact through the internet than any other way - trying to maintain a current mailing list is a nightmare, and cellphone numbers change or land-lines don't exist at all for many (by definition, our homes are mobile, but are cars aren't). We are doing this as a sort of  "thank you" for the efforts of so many people that make our events unique and exciting. Our plan is to post event reports, updates and information for both instructional staff and participants who attend our gatherings. Our website - - will still function, but we hope this spot will keep you connected with more current updates. 

The field of primitive living skills is alive, well and growing because of the interest and support of people such as yourself. We still get calls everyday from someone who says "I thought I was the only one out there who did this stuff. It's great to find out that I'm neither crazy or alone." Welcome to the world of Rabbitstick.  - Wescott

*Note we are also maintaining blogs that focus on our other projects - Classic Camping, Society of Primitive Technology,  and Thomson Farm - URLs will be available soon.