Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lynx's Halflinger, Christy, carried her through a few stone age adventures. A pad saddle, rawhide packs and a brain-tanned buffalo hide make her ready for the trip.

Getting To Winter Count

It's always exciting to see who comes to our gatherings and how they find there way there. I can remember one year passing Matt Graham on a bicycle as he pedaled his way from Phoenix to Maricopa. He had walked cross-country from Boulder, Utah to Phoenix, AZ (that means he had to cross the Grand Canyon on foot) and picked up a girl's 3-speed bike at a garage sale in Phoenix to finish his trip. We've had people arrive via horseback, motorhome, even a pedal and sail-powered sea kayak. Vehicles powered by biodiesel, cooking oil, and solar have made it to the site. We had a couple of Germans traveling around the world on recumbent bicycles hear about us and stop by. They were communicating with school kids in Germany via satellite technology, and beamed a rockin' drum session to them halfway around the world. So, you have no excuses for not coming. Where there's a will, there's a way. Be there!

Sunny Baba has created some spectacular wagons and cars for his trips south. This one is from our 2003 event.

Star Kompost's bike sports willow panniers.

Wolf's latest homemade "rat rod" made quite the scene.

Even the neighbors stop by to show off their favorite flivver.

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  1. Hi Dave,
    The blog looks great! Hope to see everybody at Winter Count in 2010.
    – The Gourd Lady from Hell –