Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Food, Great Music, Incredible Teachers

Winter Count #16 - February 14-20, 2010
Join us for the 1st great gathering of the year!

You can still sign up on line until Feb 10.

If you might have been aware, there are some new gatherings happening on the local level. Each year we see a bit more action and some amazing skills being taught across the country. We support them all and encourage you to attend . We also want to let you know that Winter Count and Rabbitstick (The "Mother Church") are national gatherings that attract both teachers and students from around the world. If you can get to one or both this year, you will never regret it.

Good Food

We will have some fine food vendors on site this year who will be serving lunches. Be sure to check them out. Bring your own cooler for lunches and drinks if you plan to stay focused on classes all day.

Great Music

Every night, somewhere in camp you can hear great music. The camp is full of incredible musicians and lots of us who want to be. So, grab your instrument, pull up a stump and join the bangin' and sangin'. Or, pull up a chair, wrap up in a capote, and be entertained until the fire dies out.

Incredible Teachers

Come and sit, learn and practice with master teachers. These people are more than practitioners. Winter Count and Rabbitstick staff are amazingly gifted teachers. They share their knowledge and skill unselfishly. You can build on your own skill level at a rate you never though possible, because you're getting in a few days what has taken these teachers years to master and boil down to most essential principles for you to learn.

Join us in Keeping Traditions Alive !
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