Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Early Registration Ends

If you haven't registered yet, please let us know that you are coming, but plan to bring your registration information with you and pay at the gate. All forms for registration are available on-line. We'd still love to have you join us, so plan to check-in and register on-site starting at 10am on Sunday morning. There will be instructors doing demos and displaying projects all morning during registrations, so plan not to miss it. Intros will start about noon with a blanket fair, and class announcements start at 1pm.


If you know someone who does not use the internet or credit cards, please let them know we can accommodate them so long as they contact us in advance. We have a few people paying cash at the registration table and even a few bartering (in advance - don't just show up expecting to do that) for goods they have made. Our Work/Trade positions are full. Talk to us at the event if you would like to work next year or at Rabbitstick.

Let's Go Stone Age

We had a late run of about 80 registrations in the last couple of days - many returnees, and lots of excited first-timers are about to create a vibrant community in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Lots of skills, music, and good times. Please remember, this is a family-friendly event. Please leave the drugs, dogs and alcohol at home. Consider the fact that if you can't do without them for a few days, you might have a problem you need to deal with.

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