Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2 Weeks Left

Rob Withrow and Norm Kidder sharing time 
at the Sunday opening displays.

Early registration ends Sept 1st so save $75 and register today. Early registration helps us know how many people will be attending, so you saving money also helps us out. Get on the web and sign up at backtracks.net. Click on "Register On-Line Today", and you're on your way. It's as simple as that. The staff roster is filling in fast, and things are shaping up to be another great year. You can also help out by going to the Backtracks Facebook page and click the "Like" button to share this great event with your friends. The weather is beginning to turn, and Rabbitstick is in the air. Be a part of this amazing gathering and sign-up today. Join us in Keeping Traditions Alive!

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